Isôoko Community Development


Isôoko Community Development (ICD) is a local non governmental organization operating at the community level to uplift the livelihoods of community members trapped in the vicious cycle of social and economic inequalities. We are empowering youth and women in the Masoro community through improved literacy, health access, and entrepreneurship programs to contribute to several SDGs namely: No Poverty (1), Zero Hunger (2), Good Health and Well-Being (3), Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8)


We envision a nation where all Rwandans are equipped with the resources that empower them to realize their full potential.


Our mission is to foster inclusive growth and opportunities for Women and Youth, through Healthcare access, improved literacy, and entrepreneurial skills.


Though Masoro sector is considered a peri-urban area, its residents still have limited access to Community resources such as learning centers; sports and recreational centers; computer rooms; and Community-enhancing resources.

In 2019, a learning center under the name of Masoro Learning and Sports Center (MLSC) was founded? Between 2019-2021 implemented 5 programs namely – Digital Literacy Program, Library Access, Health Program, Sports and Recreation, Leadership & Empowerment.

The various programs delivered put light on the need to establish a more sustainable entity that would continue to carry on the mission of providing greater opportunities to the Masoro Community in general and its most vulnerable members in particular. And the Isốoko Community Development was born.


We synergize

we commit to fostering collaboration, open communication, learning spirit, and mutual support within teams. I understand the importance of collective effort in achieving our shared goals to serve the Masoro Community and will actively contribute to a positive team culture.

Heart connect

we commit to demonstrating care, empathy, and active engagement within our community. I will strive to understand and address community needs, contributing to initiatives that uplift and support the Masoro community.

Impact IQ

we commit to prioritizing outcomes and results that create meaningful and sustainable impacts aligned with our mission. I understand the importance of measurable outcomes and will work towards achieving these goals efficiently and effectively.

We respect all

we commit to treating everyone with dignity, fairness, and respect. I value diverse perspectives, foster inclusivity, and create an environment where all individuals, team and community, feel valued and heard.


Our dedicated team is wholeheartedly committed to positively impacting the Masoro community through caring and engaging programs. Focusing on mental well-being, wve provide support and resources to enhance emotional health. We actively empower women with self-employment opportunities, contributing to economic upliftment.

Our efforts also extend to family improvement initiatives, enhancing overall quality of life. Recognizing the importance of early childhood development, we implement programs to ensure a promising future for the youngest community members. Overall, our team strives for a holistic approach to community development, fostering resilience, empowerment, and prosperity in Masoro.


Supporting women and youth’s personal and socioeconomic development by building their self confidence, leadership and professional development.
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